Wednesday, February 10, 2016

WELLNESS WEDNESDAYS: Let's Eat Mediterranean

"You never know when you're making a memory."  
                                                       --Rickie Lee Jones

Growing up in Sacramento, California has a lot to do with why I enjoy good food.  We had access to seasonally fresh and locally grown fruits and vegetables from the abundant Sacramento Valley.  We had two walnut trees on our property and the tree outside my bedroom at the corner of our house became my playhouse, where I daydreamed.  When the walnuts fell from the trees, my mother would pay my brother, Bill, and me to pick them up, one paper grocery bag at a time.  I think this is why I love walnuts so much!

The Mediterranean way of eating is based on how people who live 
in the countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea eat.  It is a powerful basis to determine which foods to buy, cook, and eat.  Here are its characteristics:
  • Generous amounts of vegetables and fruits, seasonally fresh and locally grown
  • High intake of olive oil but low intake of saturated fats
  • Lots of cereals, beans, and whole grains
  • Moderately high intake of fish (depending on your proximity to the sea)
  • Low to moderate intake of dairy products, mainly from cheese and yogurt
  • Low intake of meat and poultry
  • Regular intake of nuts
  • Regular consumption of wine, preferably with meals (for those who drink alcohol)

Over the next three months in my "Healthy Cooking Workshops for Adults", I will be preparing foods and teaching how to incorporate the Mediterranean way of eating into your kitchen and your pantry.  You are invited to join me.*  

Transform your health.  Learn about the foundation for a life of healthy eating.  Let's make some memories together. 

If we are responsible for Growing Healthy Kids and reversing childhood obesity and obesity-related diseases, we ALL deserve to eat well.    

In gratitude,
Nancy Heinrich

Founder, Growing Healthy Kids, Inc.

*Send me an email at for the dates and locations for the Spring 2016 "Healthy Cooking Workshops for Adults" in Vero Beach, Florida.