Wednesday, April 29, 2015


“I wish I had more parents take charge of their kids tonight.” 
                          –Baltimore Police Commissioner Anthony Batts referencing Toya Graham’s reaction to seeing her son on the evening of April 27, 2015

The death of Freddy Gray is a tragedy.  But Toya Graham’s quick reaction to seeing her son dressed in a dark hoodie, mask, and gloves, poised to throw a rock at Baltimore police certainly got everyone’s attention and went viral.  In an instant, she saw her son about to make a very bad decision influenced by his peers.  She said she snapped when she stepped in and corrected his behavior for all the world to see.  Is she a hero?  

Yes, she is.  She cares enough for her 16 year old son to teach him right from wrong and that two wrongs don’t a right.  Pulling our children away from danger is our responsibility as parents. 

Was it a coincidence that yesterday was the launch of The Mother Project in Fort Pierce, the same day the New York Post’s headline read, “Forget the National Guard, Send in the Moms”?  Yes, no question.  But it is no coincidence that “Send in the Moms” could very well be the theme  for The Mother Project, our newest education initiative to defeat diabetes, childhood obesity, and sugar addictions among America’s children.
Mothers are the key to America’s families and the health of our communities. That is why Growing Healthy Kids is announcing our new partnership with Saint Simon the Cyrenian Episcopal Church on the north side of Fort Pierce to train young mothers as peer educators. The moms will be working with a new afterschool program for K-5 children and my job is to train them on how to make healthy meals and snacks made with real foods like fresh, locally grown vegetables.  Growing Healthy Kids is committed to reaching and teaching moms to break the grip that sugary foods have over kids’ health and behavior.  

This week when I talked with the first group of moms we will be training in Fort Pierce, I knew that The Mother Project has found a huge need to improve health literacy that we can fill.  Improving access to healthy foods is critical for America’s children.  Because protecting our children’s health – and lives – is worth fighting for.  Let’s send in the moms! 

In gratitude,
Nancy Heinrich
Founder of Growing Healthy Kids, Inc.

PS – To find out how you can help us launch The Mother Project in Fort Pierce or in YOUR community, send us an email to