Sunday, January 9, 2011

A New Year, New Commitments, New Results: Tip Three

My dear friends,

Today is a new day in the new year. What are you going to do differently? "The diets that have enabled the world's longest-living peoples to live such healthy lives are very high in whole grains and other healthful carbohydrates." --John Robbins. This is one of the quotes I used in my book, "Healthy Living with Diabetes: One Small Step at a Time" ( The fact is that due to unprecedented numbers of children at unhealthy weights, for the first time in history, American children born today will lives shorter lives than our generation. We must act to change this. NO MATTER WHAT. So, here's TIP THREE for your new year, new commitments and new results: Use "The Nancy Rule" for buying breads and pastas: 1) 4 or more grams of dietary fiber per serving or per slice and 2) the first ingredient includes the word "WHOLE".

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Growing Healthy Kids - improving the health - and lives - of America's children, one child and one garden at a time.

To your perfect health,
Nancy Heinrich
Founder, Growing Healthy Kids