Thursday, December 3, 2009

Welcome to the Garden Adventure

Paradise greetings to you!

I'm Nancy Heinrich, founder of Growing Healthy Kids. This new organization is building gardens for children as a way to teach kids, their families, and their communities about the importance of eating locally grown, fresh, whole foods. So many kids in America are spending hours and hours in front of computers and game systems and are attending schools where physical education programs have been cut back or eliminated.

We are creating innovative ways to teach, empower, and motivate kids to go outside and learning about the simplicity of health from the perspective of where foods come from and where they go, from seed to table. The idea for Growing Healthy Kids was "planted" by the national cooperative agreement between Kiwanis Clubs and Boys and Girls Clubs of America to work together to improve the lives of kids.

We are working in partnership with three organizations to improve the health - and lives - of children, one garden and one child at a time. Boys and Girls Clubs of Indian River County, which serves about 1400 kids, and Youth Guidance Mentoring & Activities Program, which serves about 700 kids who have a parent in jail or in prison, are the kids we serve.

Please follow us as we share the story of building vegetable gardens for kids, teach them how to put together kid-friendly foods using fresh ingredients, and watch as they teach us lessons about how we each can choose to live healthy.

To your perfect health!
Nancy Heinrich
Founder, Growing Healthy Kids