Sunday, December 6, 2009

Our First Kayak Garden

Paradise greetings,

Can you believe this is already day 4 of the Growing Healthy Kids blog?

This afternoon I attended the Christmas party for American Association of University Women. In conversation, I described the Growing Healthy Kids project, planting gardens for the kids, getting the kids out kayaking once a week, and other fun stuff. She got very excited about it and went off to tell another woman about the project who said she has just seen one of our gardens. Yippy!!

We need to deliberately choose to grow healthy kids. It is NOT OK that kids eat too many calories, especially excess fat calories. I guess everyone thinks it is OK because I sure don't see the Florida Department of Health or major employers or health insurance companies doing much about this increasing epidemic of children who weigh twice what they should. They probably think they're doing something, but what??

This weekend Growing Healthy Kids particpated in the amazing Christmas party for 100 unmatched kids (kids yet to be matched with a mentor) in Youth Guidance. We had a blast planting little pots of parsley for the kids to take home. I couldn't help and observe that so many kids there would benefit from the increased exercise and the weekly healthier eating lessons we are doing.

What breaks the heart of God must break the heart of man...

Last month, some Boys and Girls Clubs kids met me at our kayak partner and we transformed an old, leaky sit-on-top kayak into a spectacular garden container. Mike Beck with Kayaks Etc. cut off the top, moved it next to U.S.1 in front of their shop, and we filled it with dirt and compost. Then the kids and I planted an herb garden in it! I'll go by this week and take a picture what it looks likes now and share it with you! It's such an awesome garden. '
The idea is to recycle and repurpose things into garden containers. Create garden art wherever you are!

Let's teach kids to think outside the box - and play in the dirt! It does a body good!

To your perfect health,

Nancy Heinrich
Founder, Growing Healthy Kids