Wednesday, December 28, 2016

WELLNESS WEDNESDAYS: Healthy for a Lifetime!

“Everyone should walk the dog twice a day…whether they have one or not.” 
                                                                             --Dr. Kenneth H. Cooper, MD, MPH

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The gift of health is the best gift we can give ourselves and our children.  What does it mean to you to be healthy?

Here are my ten essential elements for good health:
  1. Having family and friends who care about you.
  2. Living in a safe, comfortable home.
  3. Accessing good foods and knowing how to use them wisely.
  4. Spending time in nature and exercising every day.
  5. Loving yourself.
  6. Laughing every day.
  7. Looking for the good in people.
  8. Sharing your gifts to help those less fortunate than you.
  9. Being an honest person.
  10. Getting a good night’s sleep every night.
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Be kind to others.  Seek happiness.  Laugh often. Eat good food.  Repeat daily.  

In gratitude,
Nancy L. Heinrich, MPH

Founder, Growing Healthy Kids, Inc.