Wednesday, January 16, 2013



JANUARY IS A GREAT MONTH to set your intentions to be healthier.  Some people do this by making New Year's resolutions.  Some people buy a new journal to write in every day.  Some people join a fitness club in hopes of losing 10 pounds.  Some commit to eating less junk foods.  What is your intention? 

AS PARENTS, we set our intentions to help our kids have better lives.  To live better, we need to focus on our health.  Something is wrong with our country when 17% of America's kids are already categorized as "obese".  Many parents think they cannot afford to feed their kids healthy foods, something I hear all the time when I speak at schools.  Can you afford to "eat healthy"?  Of course you can, once you know can define it.   

Growing Healthy Kids Rule #1:  EAT RAINBOWS

  • lots of vegetables and fruits (these should be half of what you eat, hence, my "eat rainbows" rule)
  • if you drink fruit juice, limit it (rule of thumb is no more than 1/2 cup - 4 ounces - a couple of days a week)
  • plenty of grains (such as barley, oats, wheat, rye, and quinoa) - more than half should be WHOLE grains, not refined
  • most of your fats should be unsaturated fats (like nuts, fish, avocados, flax seeds, and liquid vegetable oils such as extra virgin olive and canola oils)
  • include cold water fish (such as salmon or tuna) at least twice a week as part of your low-fat protein choices 
  • drink plenty of water every day (AND cut back/eliminate sodas, including diet sodas
FOR NEW IDEAS to help your kids and you eat more fruits and vegetables, check out this great resource:

30 ways in 30 days to stretch your fruit and vegetable budget.

In gratitude,
Nancy L. Heinrich 
Founder, Growing Healthy Kids, Inc.

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