Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Seventy Awesome Kids in 2 Days Help Teach the World

Paradise Greetings,

Tonight's Chicks with Checks Party for Dr. Pierone's Haiti medical work had to proceed without Growing Healthy Kids being represented. I'm exhausted and need to recharge my batteries.

Here's the story of 70 awesome kids...This morning I did a summer camp program for 30 children ages 5-17 at Our Lady of Guadalupe Mission in Fellsmere, Florida. The kids learned to make "F3 shakes" (Fabulous Fellsmere Fruit Shakes) and whole grain grilled pepper quesadillas. We had a snack station and all the kids made their own Smart Snack mix and had a healthy snack to take home, where they are often left by themselves because their parents are working in the citrus fields. We went out into today's blazing heat (it felt like 200 degrees, for real) and ran laps around the Catholic church's parking lot. We jumped rope together (100 was the record!!). We laughed together. We cooked together. We learned together. What a wonderful morning!

Last night the wonderful Anne Devanney from Community Church, our wonderful Growing Healthy Kids volunteers, and I made dinner for the children plus a dozen house parents at Hibiscus Children's Center to celebrate the completion of 8 weeks of the Growing Healthy Kids' healthy eating classes. The rave reviews for Anne's grilled veggie whole grain paninis matched the reviews of the children's garden pesto mixed with whole grain pasta and sundried tomatoes. The children's garden basil is at its flavor peak and dozens of people got to taste it (and yes, the recipe will be in our first Growing Healthy Kids' book). Anne taught the kids how to dry basil so they can learn the process of how to cycle and recycle food without waste.

An amazing two days touching the lives of 70 amazing kids. More successes will be coming from all the seeds that were planted last night and this morning. What we need is coming. What we need to transform the health - and lives - of children is coming.

We are creating food security with partners like the Treasure Coast-Vero Beach Kiwanis Club and the Community Church who are now seeing for themselves the urgency for solutions to the crisis unfolding before our eyes. Children who are overweight pile into the emergency rooms of America's hospitals with adult conditions never before seen in kids.

Let me know what you will bring to the table for Growing Healthy Kids.
Growing Healthy Kids - improving the health - and lives - of America's children, one garden and one child at a time.

To your perfect health.
Nancy Heinrich
Founder, Growing Healthy Kids