Sunday, January 10, 2010

Making SMART Health Goals

Paradise Greetings from the Frigid South,

It's cold here. I can handle a day or two of temperatures in the 30's. This is more than a week of watching and waiting to see if we have to cover up the plants again. My dining room is filled with geraniums, ferns, and orchids. My kitchen counter is filled with green tomatoes (care to share your favorite fried green tomato recipe with me??) and baby basil plants I recently grew from seeds for the spring kids' gardens.

So, I'm taking advantage of today's freezing cold weather. A quick nap here, a extra dream there. A chance to cozy up with that book I've been looking at for 2 months (I'm up to page 150!). A look at my new Eat-Taste-Heal cookbook and deciding which recipe I'm going to make this week. Writing a card to my mother. Looking through my latest Sunset magazine (even though I haven't lived in California for years, once a Californian always one at heart). Making a plan to change a small area in the "living room" of my backyard when temperatures start rising.

While it is cold and frigid here in the tropics ("Vero Beach - where the tropics begin" is the city's motto), we can use this downtime to plan for our uptime. What the past week below freezing temperatures means is that we will be planting new gardens soon!

Enjoy this opportunity by making one SMART* health goal a week to improve your own health. My SMART health goal for the week is to walk for 30 minutes at 7 AM on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. What's yours?

Let's plant new gardens so we have containers of herbs right outside the back door for adding new flavors to our foods. Let's dig up a piece of the grass in the back yard and plant some green beans there when it warms up. Let's plan for healthy children by planning for our own health. Let's plant the seeds of change. But first, another nap...

Growing Healthy Kids, dedicated to improving the health - and lives - of children, one garden and one child at a time.

To your perfect health,
Nancy Heinrich
Founder, Growing Healthy Kids

*SMART = Specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-specific