Friday, January 29, 2010

Big Kids Need New Habits

Paradise greetings,

In order for each one of us to be a part of the changes needed to improve the health of children in the United States who will have a shorter life expectancy than our generation, we better get our own stuff in order.
I teach kids how to choose healthier foods, how to grow a simple garden and how to make really cool fun, delicious foods. But what's missing for these kids who are 50 or 100 pounds overweight? Adults who know that there are 17 teaspoons of refined sugar in one 23 ounce Arizona Southern Style iced tea, for example. Adults who are also 100 pounds overweight and don't think twice about eating 5,000 calories a day. Schools that serve white sugars and white flour foods to kids and wonder why they can't concentrate or sit still. Adults need to know what the kids are learning through Growing Healthy Kids' programs.
That little boy last Saturday who looked up at me after tasting his healthy Growing Healthy Kids PB&B sandwich and said, "This is great...and I can make this at home by myself!" That is why I am doing this. For him.

We must become better role models for all our children. By empowering ourselves, we will empower our children. Simple changes. Eat more vegetables than fruit. Eat fresh fruit, don't drink fruit juice. Drink more water. Walk.

This Sunday at 1:30 PM at Unity Center in Vero Beach, Florida I will be teaching a workshop on Preventing and Controlling Obesity and Diabetes.
Please join me.
To your perfect health.
Nancy Heinrich
Founder, Growing Healthy Kids