Wednesday, October 27, 2021

WELLNESS WEDNESDAYS: Striving for Variety

“It’s been said that no one can really motivate anyone else; all you can do is instill a positive attitude and hope it catches on.”

                                                               --Eddie Robinson

My Saturday mornings are defined by visits to the local farmers market.  When I am in Indiana, most Saturdays it is the New Albany Farmers Market where I trade 5 or 10 or sometimes 20 dollars for fresh picked vegetables and herbs at my favorite farmers. These Saturday morning choices will guide my dinner menus for the next week.  Last Saturday I got a head of Napa cabbage (from Axel of Lost Acres Farm, the same farmer who grew the bok choy I just featured in curry dishes), fresh garlic, poblano peppers (for adding to mushroom and black bean quesadillas), new potatoes (for using with poblano peppers in breakfast tacos), and Heirloom tomatoes (sadly, getting to the end of the tomato season) and spring onions (will use in the breakfast tacos). 

To get a good range of vitamins and minerals, it is very important to eat a variety of vegetables and fruits.  Not just potatoes and apples.  Not just green beans and blueberries.  We need to strive for a weekly variety of 15, 20 or more different fresh foods (from local farmers whenever possible).  Eat a cornucopia of different foods and your body will thank you.  The synergistic effect of eating a variety will help heal you and keep you healthy.

This week's goal is to make or create a new recipe with Axel’s beautiful head of Napa cabbage.  I also plan to track what vegetables and fruits I eat (I like to do this occasionally to self-monitor my weekly variety) to see what this week’s number is.  

With love and kindness,

Nancy Heinrich, MPH

Founder and Wellness Architect

Photo above:  kohlrabi