Wednesday, September 18, 2019

WELLNESS WEDNESDAYS: Mother Earth is in the Emergency Room

"I have a dream that the powerful take the climate crisis seriously.  The time for their fairytales is over."
                                                                      -- Greta Thunberg

When Swedish teen and climate advocate Greta Thunberg landed on the shores of the U.S. on a zero emissions boat this month, she brought her voice and passion about the critical need for dramatic actions to solve the climate change crisis.  Rising atmospheric temperatures, melting glaciers and Arctic ice, rising sea levels, stronger hurricanes, more frequent floods and forest fires call for immediate change to business as usual.

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Teaching kids to protect the planet by reducing, reusing, and recycling is a message that needs to continue.  But it is not enough.  Our planet needs healing from the damage caused by for profit companies that are exploiting our growing dependence on fossil fuels like coal and petroleum.

Carbon is being dumped into the atmosphere and it is killing people and changing our climate faster than we can adapt.  Land is being clear cut in the Amazon to make way for cattle production at a time when we need more trees, not less.  Food production is being affected, national security is affected, and migration of birds is affected. The planet is heating up and the planet is on fire.

As a lifelong member of the Sierra Club, spending time outdoors and protecting our water, air, and land are strong values of mine.  As a Florida coastal resident, I stand witness to worsening hurricanes and hotter summers.

Begin talking with your kids about climate change in ways they can understand and identify things you can do at home, at work, and in your community to embrace the concept of reducing carbon emissions and zero fossil fuels by 2030.  Next time you need a light bulb, buy LED.  Turn off lights when you leave a room.  Eat less meat.  Start advocating and saving for an electric car.  Support solar and wind energy.  

We can – and must – act to save Mother Earth.  This planet is the only home we have.  Our children are counting on us.  Their health and lives depend on how soon we act to reverse the climate change crisis. 

With gratitude,
Nancy Heinrich
Founder, Growing Healthy Kids