Wednesday, July 24, 2013



 “Success is not convenient.  You have to make room for it.  Stop waiting for the ideal or perfect situation to show up in your life before you make your move.  Now is the time to convert your prayers into performance.  

Faith without works is dead.  There will never be a perfect time in life.  If it’s not one thing…it’s another.  So do what you can and do what you must…NOW!  Most people let things happen.  You have the power to make things happen!  You have GREATNESS within you!”

                       ---Les Brown

Can you believe that summer vacation is half over already?  Let’s kick off the rest of summer with some great ideas to “HEALTH UP” your kids and your family. As my friend Les Brown said, "You have the power to make things happen!"  

COOL IDEA NUMBER ONE:  Check out this health snack idea to help everyone keep their cool AND take advantage of the great summer sale prices on fresh grapes while they are in season.
STEP ONE:  Wash and gently dry (air dry is fine) purple or green grapes.
STEP TWO:  Place grapes in zip lock bags (15 grapes per bag). 
STEP THREE:  Place bags in freezer.
STEP FOUR:  When kids need a snack, let them take one bag from the freezer for each kid and watch them explode with excitement over the flavor of frozen fruit!
STEP FIVE:  Listen for your kids (and your spouse) to say, “THIS IS BETTER THAN CANDY!” 

Kids teaching other kids in one of our peer education projects at local schools.  Healthy Habit 1:  More fruit, less juice!

Growing Healthy Kids' Peer Educators setting up for one of our parties at Imagine School.  

COOL IDEA NUMBER TWO:  Here’s another very cool idea for keeping all the kids (your and the kids in the neighborhood) busy and healthy:  FRUIT PIZZA.  Click here for the step by step instructions for making the best fruit pizza ever!

COOL IDEA NUMBER THREE:   Need to get your kids outside more (and less screen time)?  Start growing your own veggies using this ultra-cool new technology aeroponic personal grow system.  Assign your kids the job of check the water levels every two days and within 28 days you will be harvesting your own fresh, very locally grown greens. Click here to order your personal grow system (use discount code "growhealkids" at checkout).

Enjoy the rest of your summer vacation and send me your favorite healthy kid-friendly recipes at  Look for your recipe in a future issue of WELLNESS WEDNESDAYS!

In gratitude,
Nancy Heinrich
Founder, Growing Healthy Kids, Inc.

Note for new readers:  The Growing Healthy Kids movement is dedicated to creating solutions to our national childhood obesity epidemic and to the prevention of obesity-related diseases, such as Type 2 Diabetes, in children.  See the top right corner to order NOURISH AND FLOURISH which provides a road map for parents.