Friday, July 15, 2011

Listen to my interview on Public Radio WQCS


What have YOU done today to be a role model to teach a child or youth good eating habits? Growing Healthy Kids is a movement to reverse childhood obesity.

Here are a few things anyone can do to be a great role model for kids:
Drink water, not soda.
Eat fruit instead of drinking fruit juice.
Take a child to your local farmers market and buy locally grown stuff.

It's easy to get to a healthy weight -- when you know what to do. To learn more, listen to my interview with Drew Mello on WQCS (just click on the link, then click on "listen now"):

WQCS: Growing Healthy Kids (2011-07-15)

The next Growing Healthy Kids Victory Garden Playshop is Saturday, July 31 at the Growing Healthy Kids Variety Store, 3300 43rd Avenue, #4, Vero Beach, Fl. 32960 (a mile north of SR 60 (AKA 20th Street). This event is FREEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Here's to your health!
Nancy Heinrich
Founder, Growing Healthy Kids
dedicated to improving the health - and lives - of America's children, one garden and one child at a time.

If you know someone with diabetes OR prediabetes, go to for a copy of my book, Healthy Living with Diabetes: One Small Step at a Time.