Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fitness Fiesta and Summer Salsa

Paradise Greetings,

This evening we're having a party in downtown Vero Beach and YOU are invited! Growing Healthy Kids is having its 1st annual Fitness Fiesta and Summer Salsa event from 4-7 PM today at Eco-Colour Design Studio, located at 1865 14th Avenue (just renamed "Main Street"). Learn to make Summer Salsa and how to make simple changes to improve the value of what your kids are eating.

We will be unveiling the new emblem for Growing Healthy Kids' sponsors, designed by the staff at Eco-Colour Design Studio.

Let's make healthy eating the right choice for children and families! Kids, bring your parents, and let's teach them together!

See you at the Fitness Fiesta and Summer Salsa party later today!

Growing Healthy Kids - improving the health - and lives - of America's children, one child and one garden at a time.

To your perfect health.
Nancy Heinrich
Founder, Growing Healthy Kids